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favor常用在表示帮忙,人情里面 比如 do me a favor=帮我一个忙,所以win the favor of 是赢得了那个人的心(信任,朋友间,上下级之类的)而heart常用在爱情语境里

win the heart of someone赢得某人的心例句 1 The protagonist ' s modern personality and perception of love helps her win the heart of a cool, handsome martial art master. 主人公凭借现代社会的个性以及对爱情的独特观点,令冷俊帅气的侠客为


gun gun win the heart of fille的中文翻译_百度翻译gun gun win the heart of fille枪枪赢得女孩的心




He followed his career as a lawyer when he was 20, and now, he has won the hearts of people.这里百介词度应回该用答as


Game two of those, of worry and yet its bystander foresight. They thought that, and with it, and they are not very far. Therefore, the authorities, and win the heart of Bi; bystanders Zhuo, and blanch in the virtual public view. Where is the heart of

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