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【英语单词】 using v.利用;使用( use的现在分词 );耗费;吸(毒) n.使用;利用;用途;使用权 例句: I removed the fibroid tumours, using the techniques that I have perfected. 我用完善后的技术摘掉了纤维瘤. Using tanks and heavy

elective surgery 选择性手术;择期手术例句筛选1.We were unable to find evidence supporting or refuting elective surgery for patientswith benign liver tumours.我们不能找到证据支持或者反驳对良性肝肿瘤患者施行择期手术.2.We construct a

reconstructive surgery英[ri:knstrktiv s:dri]美[riknstrktv sdri][释义] 修整外科;[网络] 修复手术; 置换外科; 重建外科;[例句]Objective: Observe the clinical effects of the plastic reconstructive surgery technique used in operations on superficial malignant tumours.目的:整形外科技术在浅表性恶性肿瘤手术中的应用临床疗效观察.

1. 据信2. 有人想信,大家相信3. 人们认为4. 大家相信5. 人们相信 例句:1.It is believed that professor johnson has finished his second novel. 人们相信约翰逊教授已完成了他的第二部小说.2.It is believed that it inhibits an enzyme that promotes cell proliferation in tumours. 研究人员认为阿司匹林阻碍了一种在肿瘤内部促进细胞增殖的酶的活动.

为了纪念Brain Tumours Day这一天而穿着灰色.望楼主采纳,谢谢

ectopic expression指的是异位表达,而overexpression指的是过量表达或者超表达,二者在意思上有较大差别.例句:ectopic expression1、Progress in study on ectopic expression of hCG in malignant tumors.恶性肿瘤异位人绒毛膜促性腺激素

techniques 英[tek'ni:ks] 美[tek'ni:ks] n. 技术; 手法; 技能; 技巧( technique的名词复数 ); [网络] 方法; 教学技巧; [例句]I removed the fibroid tumours, using the techniques that I have perfected.我用完善后的技术摘掉了纤维瘤.

拜伦对于女性总是容易动感情,而且对妇女具有吸引力. He's so susceptible that she easily gained his affection.他易受感情影响,所以她很轻易地就得到了他的爱. Humans are extremely susceptible to plague and may be infected either directly or


prone英 [p'rk] 美 [p'rk] v.径直起跳,(动物)四足一起跳跃例句1.From pronk[ show, display ].源自pronk[展现,展示].2.Pronk L, Vasey PA, Sparreboom A et al. A phase I and pharmacokinetic study of the combination of capecitabine and docetaxel in patients with advanced solid tumours. Br J Cancer 2000;83:2209.这两种药物组合能被很好地耐受

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