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Heartbeat (Nightcore) [PRPEL Remix] 歌手:PRPEL / Marcus & Martinus 所属专辑:Heartbeat (Nightcore) [PRPEL Remix] You said why am I holding on baby ooh 宝贝你问我为何不肯放手 I would never back down 我从不会让步 Are you

歌曲名:Secret to My Heart歌手:STANLEY CLARKE专辑:Let Me Know YouBackstreet Boys---Back To Your HeartIts not that I cant live without youIts just that I dont even want to tryEvery night I dream about youEver since the day we said

楼主好,你找的应该是后街男孩的“straight through my heart”吧

cross my heart hypnotised, with just one look at you, i'm paralysed i can't explain why just one touch of you drives me insane you've got me head over heels you better believe it baby, and i know how it feels cross my heart hope to die may lightning

楼主,这个分 给的 太 多了 吧, 给个 5分就行了.to my heart,有很多意思1,to my heart = 我的心里 it ached to my heart, 痛到我心里去了2, to my heart = 我的心肝 开头语,就像 to my darling, to my sweet heart, 应该就一种意思 就是, 我的甜心,我的宝贝,一般用于情书里

When people say the word "hero", what will you think? Do you have a hero in your heart? Maybe your hero is a famous singer, a movie star or a great-man. But my hero is

in my heart:在我心中;right now:立即,马上.

To hold , 拿着to keep , 保留to share, 分享In my heart , 在我心中I can no longer hold inside 我不能再藏在心中All of the love I used to hide 我曾经隐藏的所以爱情I 'll always be with you until the very end 我要永远和你在一起,直到海枯石烂.

填tolose one's heart to是一个固定短语,意思是"爱上XX,十分喜爱XX"

是TFboys的<<HEART>> 歌词是Yeah… TF BOYS come to show you love(uh~uh~ uh~uh~) Listen to my heart…Yeah (Let's go!)(Listen to my heart~ uh~uh~ uh~uh~ Listen to my heart~ uh~uh~ uh~uh~ 在看到你微笑的那一秒 我不安的心跳 正悄悄地

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