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overuse 英 [vju:z] 美 [ovrju:z] vt.使用过度 n.过度的使用 第三人称单数: overuses 现在分词: overusing 过去式: overused 过去分词: overused [例句] A nasal spray or drops would ease your symptoms, but don't overuse them or further congestion could result 鼻腔喷剂或滴剂能减轻症状,但请勿使用过频,否则鼻塞可能会加重.


underuse 未充分利用,有浪费的意思.及物动词.后面直接接宾语,例如underuse one's intelligence 未充分作用某人的才智.overuse 与之相反,过度利用,过度开发.也是及物动词,比如We have overused the forest. 我们已经过度开发森林.

1.Another problem is overuse.再一个问题是过度使用.2.given to the overuse of long words.习惯于过度使用长语.3.Be careful not to overuse this technique.但不要过度使用这个技术.4.Overuse has led to drug resistance in some strains.过度使用

definitely英 [ def n tli] 美 [ def n tli]adv. 明确地;确切地;一定地;肯定地int.(表强烈的肯定)当然比较级:more definitely 最高级:most definitely 双语例句1. we definitely wanted to salvage some pride for british tennis.我们当然想为英国网球挽回

First, we should put the nature resources first, try our best to make best of them, because we know formly that the natural resourse are limited. Second, as for the economic development, we should have the the long-term plan, and we should take the

perserverance leads to success 坚持就是胜利双语例句1Unemployment leads to a sense of uselessness, to say nothing offinancial problems.失业会让人觉得自己一无是处,更何况还会带来经济问题.2Overuse of those drugs, coupled with poor diet, leads to physicaldegeneration.过量使用那些药物再加上饮食缺乏营养,导致健康状况恶化.

degeneration属于名词.degeneration 英[ddenren] 美[ddenren] n. 变性; 退化; 恶化; 变质; [例句]Overuse of those drugs, coupled with poor diet, leads to physical degeneration过量使用那些药物再加上饮食缺乏营养,导致健康状况恶化.

cause stress引起应力双语例句1Overuse can cause stress fractures, are very small cracks in the bone.使用过度可导致应力性骨折(骨头上极小的裂缝).We block out those things that cause stress and make us anxious.我们将那些引起压力、使

overdrive [英]vdrav [美]ovrdrav vt. 驱使过度,虐待,超速传动 [例句]This is misleading because you can always accomplish more by temporarily kicking yourself into overdrive.这其实是误导之言因为你总是可以完成更多的工作通过暂时使自己超速运转.

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