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Here is my study plan.In the morning, I will read Chinese and English for an hour before I go to school. In class I will listen to my teachers carefully and make notes.I will have some questions to ask my teachers.At noon, I will go to the library after lunch

my study plan new year is coming.it means a new semester will come . lastsemester.my study grades not very good.so i think it is necessary tomake a study plan 1 in a new semester i will read more books and do more practices will not play

For studying well,I decide to draw up some plans to study .i believe that college is completely different from high school, so i should change the study way of high school to a appropriate way for college study. first of all, besides study, i should be

At the first week,I will do homework.At the weekend,I decided to attend the summer camp.At the second week,I will go over my study.At last days,I will asume myself by visiting the Great Wall.I am an amatuer at travel.I will also enter for the swim class.

要想学好英语, should start to contact this aspect since childhood the knowledge,英语非常有用,肯定要用心,已达到以后的实际操作;s international environment,不能死记硬背,要一步一步的来, probably utilize nimblymust want to learn

还有一篇,你参照吧:English is becoming more and more important under the trend of globalization, especially for us who often need to read a number of academic thesis in English and will work in the filed of IT finally. However, my English is not

My study plan on summer holidaythe summer holiday is just around the corner, I want to do a summer's learning plan .it is to complete two tasks.one is to refine and grasp the key points and difficulties in all branches .; the other is to gradually

I am a student .I am weak in English.And most students in my class are good at English.So I have to improve my English and catch up them.I make a English Study Plan.Firstly,I will spend 20 minutes remembering words every day.I find that I only

The new term is coiming. Here is my study plan for next term.I will listen to the teacher carefully in class and review what I am leant after class.I will study hard so that I can get good grades. I will spend more time on English because I am weak in my

Since I began to study in a middle school,I have started learning English.I have learned this kind of language for about ten years.I have learned many words, useful expressions,good sentences,reasonable sayings and beautiful English songs as well

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