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my future life in 10 years hello,everyone! what do think your life will be like in 10 years? well, i will be a popular and famous singer and i will sing around the world. i will buy a big house for my parents and girl friend in xiamen.because i`ve ever been to

In 30 years,my life will be much different from it is today.I won't live in the small apartment at that time.I'll live in a big house with my parents.And the living level will be better as well.I can

What will my life be like in 20 years?in 20 years,I think I'll be a famous movie star. I'll live in Hollywood.Because there are many famous people.I also want to be a famous and popular movie sta

In 20 years ,there are some robots to help people with cook,clean the windown … People will have more free time to have fun .In 20 years ,we wopn't have School .So kids won't go to School.and the

My life in 20 years Soon over twenty years,I have become a writer,this time may have been great changes in Ningbo.Look - I just want to go out,the robot "Polly" came over,handed me a bag of misfortune

My life in twenty years will be fantastic and wonderful. I will have a job that I like. I will be married and have children. I will get my favourite cars and drive my family around in the city. I will get the most beatiuful in town for my family. They are the things that will happen to me after 20 years.

my life in 20 years i am now still a boy/girl of 14, and i am still childish, playing, fooling around every day with my friends, enjoying my childhood. but what will my life be like in 20 years? i will be 34 then, and i will have my own family and career. being

my ldeal school life~my ldeal school life school is not only a place where students gather together to attend class,to take in knowledge,but also a place where we spend our whole youth.what i mean is that my ideal school should definitly be

The future life in 20 yearsIn 20 years,every home will have a robot.It can help us do lots of things.We will have more time to study and have fun.Sometimes we will visit the

My hometown in 20 yearsI love my hometown very much.I dream the changes of my hometown in 20 years.There will be less pollution and more trees will be planted.Everyone

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