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go out的中文意思

go out1. 外出,出去:He didn't go out yesterday.他昨天没有外出.2. 出国,移居(国外):He went out to Australia about five years ago.他大约在五年前移居澳大利亚.3. 参加社交活动,出外交际(或娱乐):Marry went out a lot last week.玛丽

go out 英 [u aut] 美 [o at] [词典] 外出; 出国; 熄灭; 出版; [例句]I'm going out tonight.我今晚要出去玩.


go out 外出(尤指参加社会活动);过时;(潮)退,(灯)熄,终止;送出,公布,播出 Do you want to go out for eat你想不想出去吃呢? The fire has gone out. 火已熄灭. Go out with friends or family. 和朋友家人一起出去吧.

也不是很有“滚”的意思啦,如果说是“滚”那就是Get out!go out表示 出去 相对于come in 例如:We will go out to have a picnic this Sunday.这里表示“外出” 还有以下的意思:熄灭, 过时, 罢工, 向往, 辞职, 倒塌

go out_百度翻译go out 英[u aut] 美[o at] [词典] 外出; 出国; 熄灭; 出版; [例句]I'm going out tonight.我今晚要出去玩.双语例句 柯林斯词典 英英释义



go out的意思是出国,出版.1、词组:go out2、中文含义:外出; 出国; 熄灭; 出版;3、读音: [u aut]4、例句:1)I'm going out tonight. 我今晚要出去玩.2)I once went out with a French man 我曾经同一位法国男子交往过一段时间.3)You do not go out to injure opponents 你并非蓄意伤害对手.4)The bedroom light went out after a moment. 卧室里的灯过了一会儿就灭了.5)The fire seemed to be going out. 火看起来快灭了.

go out是出去

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