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He controlled his anger and left the school.他压住怒火离开了学校.

It runs so quickly;t control your dog,它跑得好快!我不能控制你家的狗狗I can'

The power station is in control 这个发电站在控制之下

Undering control, all the kids wouldn't be naughty at all!!


The company is under my control. 这家公司在我的掌管下.under one's control 是在控制之下;在掌管下的意思


用out of control 造句The old car was out of control and caused an accident.那辆老爷车失去控制,招致车祸.勤学好问 天天进步!

under my control 翻译 在我控制下; [例句]No matter how hard you try you're under my control.不管你怎么闹,你还是在我的控制之下.

be in control of adj.控制(管理;掌握;有义务) 造句:用作形容词 (adj.) He wants to be in control of his own destiny.他想要掌握自己的命运.Heat control is very important in stir-frying.炒菜掌握火候很重要.

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