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词形变化: 名词:arranger 动词过去式:arranged 过去分词:arranged 现在分词:arranging 第三人称单数:arranges 例句与用法: 1. I have arranged that one of my staff will meet you at the airport. 我已经安排

representative director [英]reprizenttiv direkt [美]rprznttv drkt [经] 代表董事 [例句]chairman , ceo and representative director : haruyuki niimi.董事长,首席执行官兼代表董事:春之新见.更多示例用法 很高兴为您解答.希望能够帮上忙.如果你认可我的回答,请及时点击【采纳为满意回答】按钮 手机提问的朋友在客户端右上角评价点【满意】即可.

“on the floor”意思是在地板上. “on the floor”造句: He stubbed out the cigarette on the floor. 他在地板上踩熄了他的香烟.They got around the lack of chairs by sitting on the floor. 他们坐在地板上克服了椅子缺乏的困难.Don't worry about a

main serviceun.总配水管主要服务;主要业务;中心主要业务例句1.The main service attended by the royal family and political leaders took place in Oslo Cathedral, from Oslo, James Robbins reports.皇室家族和政治领袖参加的主要的仪式在奥斯

惊奇;s a wonder with the way he arranges everything without any help.1.他想知道发生了什么事;对…感到惊讶;t do it;琢磨 2.对…感到好奇.i wonder how you came to miss your way.1.2, 奇迹.奇人, 奇才 he'.奇特的, 不知干什么, 真是个


arrange[英][rend][美][rend]vt.把…(系统地)分类; 整理; 改编(剧本等); 达成…的协议; vi.(就某事与某人)达成协议,(与某人)商定(某事)(with a person about 或 for a thing); [音乐](尤指专业)改编乐曲; 第三人称单数:arranges过去分词:arranged现在进行时:arranging过去式:arranged例句:1.Could you arrange it for me? 你能为我安排一下好吗?

If I lose my hearing, I can transfer to Deaf school for going on my study. For disable person, knowledge is more important than the normal. Through study, to make up for their shortcomings. If I lose my hearing , I won't be sad. Because I used to have.

A wonderful trip to Beijing I had a fantastic time with my father in Beijing.We were so crazy about the beautiful place that we didn't want to return home.It took us about three hours to fly there.First,we went to the Palace Museum.When we were going

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