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announcesv.宣布,宣告,发表( announce的第三人称单数 ); (尤指通过广播)通知; 通报…到达; 声称; 例句:They're already gone? The next set of bell announces the last boat. Be on it! 他们都已经撤走了?下一轮钟声通告最后一班船.一定要上来!


announce[英]['nans][美][nans]vi.宣布参加竞选; 当播音员; vt.宣布; 述说; 声称; 预告; 第三人称单数:announces过去分词:announced现在进行时:announcing过去式:announced


announce 英['nans] 美[nans] vi. 宣布参加竞选;当播音员 vt. 宣布;述说;声称;预告 第三人称单数:announces;过去分词:announced;现在分词:announcing; [例句]The committee will announce the winner in october.委员会将于10月宣布获奖者.


When I have an important (or tough) problem to solve, I often afford myself the luxury of shelving it for a few days, even if I think I can already see a solution. During this time, I don't think about it and it does not weigh on my mind I'm busy doing

keep onv.allow to remain in a place or position同义词: retain / continue / keep / keep going短语1.keep sb on继续雇佣某人 ; 使某人2.keep watch on监视 ; 引申为从上监视着3.keep straight on一直走下去 ; 一直做下去 ; 整齐的 ; 正直的知

covered stadium室内体育馆双语对照词典结果:网络释义 室内体育馆例句:I am the only woman in a covered stadium on the outskirts of rangoon watching akickboxing fight aside, that is, from the girl who announces each round in a figure-huggingturquoiselongyi. 在仰光郊区一个室内体育场的跆拳道比赛中,我是唯一一位观赛的女性,当然,系着蓝玉色紧身腰布宣布每一轮开始的那个女孩除外.

qualcomm technologies 全资子公司高通科技;全资子公司高通技术;子公司高通技术 例句1.Monotype Imaging Announces Access and Delivery of Scalable Fonts and Text Rendering Technologies to Qualcomm's BREW Developers

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