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buusedtodoingsth是习惯做某事,如iamusedtogettingupearly我习惯早起 而usedtodosth是过去常常做某事,forexample:iusedtogetupearly我过去常常早起(注:是usedtodosth而不是beusedtodosth.)

1 我们会派车去机场接您----- we will arrange for a car to pick you up at the airport.2 明天下午我们会安排车辆 送您去机场----- we will arrange for a car to send you to the airport tomorrow afternoon.3 总经理 派tom 去机场迎接客户 the general

succeed in doing something do something successfully do something in success

朋友,你说的这个“最好做某事”的句型,最典型的句型为:You'd better do sth.另外,还可以是:It's better to do sth.请采纳,谢谢支持!

do sth at it happens 或者 do sth by chance

本该做某事should have done.只用于谈论过去情况,主要有两个用法:■用于推测过去已经发生的情况.如:Heshould have arrived by now. 此时他本该到了.Theletter should have arrived by now. 信现在该到了.■用于指本该发生而实际上未发生的情况.如:Youshould have told me so before. 你早就应该告诉我.Georgenever should have joined the army. 乔治本来就不该参军的.

do sth. is satisfying

It is difficult for sb. to do sth.

be used to do sth

你好,应该是:It is +adj.+to do sth .例如:It is important to learn English well.学好英语很周重要.

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