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这句话哪里错了?You CAn ACross thE BriDgE thEn wAlk Along ...

应该是cross 动词across是介词或副词,所以go across=cross

不应该是across 应该是through我的理解来看的话,through是 从中间穿过例The river runs through our city.这条河流经我们市. He passed through the hall. 他穿过大厅 而across的话,是从表面穿过例:I swam across the Changjiang River 20 years ago. 20年前我横渡了长江. Look left and right before you go across the street. 过马路时要左右看. 句中的名词为park ,总不能说在公园表面走吧,所以用through,表示穿过公园

first turn left,go across that wooden bridge then you can get there after 50meters -walk

My friends, I will tell you how to get to the People Park. I know you will gather at the school gate. So you should face to the school gate, then turn left and go straight for about 500m, where you can find a road on your right hand and the hospital across

正确:We must not cross the road across是介词不能做动词用 cross是动词

You people's park entrance along a walk, you can see a river, you across the bridge to the crossroads and then turn right and walk until you will see a hill to the right, along the hill walked you can see a lake, the lake there beside a small forest, we in

Go straight, then turn right through the bridge , turn over the bridge , thenturn left along the walk , then turn left , it is on your left.

The bridge goes across the big river 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你 The bridge goes across the big river或 The bridge crosses the big river


You can cross the street only when the traffic light is green.不是across

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