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in one' s life

答案:解析: 1.during one's lifetime 2.at the age of… 3.the date and place of birth 4.be famous for…

搜一下:中文翻译英文(人教版初中9年级) 在他的一生当中 某人的最后一次露面 芭蕾舞演员 标志……的开始

最好是Marie Curie's life, 因为人名很短.英语中,当所属物很长时,才用of.举个例子, Life of our chinese people become more colorful as the economy rockets.

5 in sb.'s life 6 get clear7 agree with 同意某人 agree to 表示 后面跟的是 某个意见 agree on表示 某件事9 more and more 11 the same as 14 be famous for 因什么而著名 15 as far as 学问有限 只知道这麽哆啦SORRY

人的一生 英语人的一生英文翻译A person's life; an English person's life

Everyone of us is someone's life beloved

和某人过一生一世:And someone had her life

Old scrap shop, french fries,Cultivate the habit of doing in the same class, less meat, loss of balance, back to sleep a few nights, not help but laugh, mild fever, in someone's life

whole life. in one's whole life.在某人的一生.

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