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邮寄 [yóu jì](v) mail send by post关联词语:mailing mail remit Posting Examples:邮资邮寄的物品所需的费用The charge for mailing an item.我们的信在邮寄途中错过去了.Our letters crossed in the post.请把我的名字加入你们的邮寄名单中.Please add my name to your mailing list.

mail n. 邮件, 邮政vt. 邮寄3.I went to the post office to mail the letters.我去邮局寄信.mail, post这两个词作名词均可表示“邮件”,作动词均可表示“邮寄”.mail: 主要用于美国.post: 主要用于英国.

mailing information或者postal information

通过邮寄的方法 by post 例: I sent her birthday present by post . 我送她的生日礼物是邮寄的. I'll send the book by post .

中国邮政 China Post;China Postal Savings;EMS中国邮政储蓄银行 Postal Savings Bank of China;PSBC;China Postal Savings Bank中国邮政戳记 THE POSTAL MARKINGS OF CHINA

我可以邮寄给你Can I send you我可以邮寄给你Can I send you

以快件形式寄出用Send by express表示.例句:I can either send it to you by express or alternatively compensate you at a reasonable price.我可以以快件形式寄给你,也可以按合理的价格赔偿你的损失.1、send 发音:英 [send] 美 [send] 含义:

你好!I have posted /sent it to you.希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

Parcel post /mail package

post information.但是其实大家一般都不怎么说这个, 如果是问地址的话,会直接问,what's your address and zip code

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