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A.I have two sister.One XiaoHong the other XiaoHua. B.The playground has many people.Some are walking , others are dancing.

经常——often:We often dance.喜欢——like:I like dancing.吃——eat:Eat some pies.喝——drink:Drink some water.傍晚——evening

I feel as if I should break into song. 我觉得自己应该放声歌唱。

1.There is a tendency to externalize all religions. 存在把一切宗教都视为仅具外表形式的倾向。 2.Asia is the birthplace of the great religions of the world. 亚洲是世界各大宗教的发祥地。 3.But why have religions that involve self-...

China is a country with a long history.(中国是一个历史悠久的国家。)

We received warm welcome when we visited there factory.They will hold a concert in the hall.They crowded around the table to get their food.The big waves strike the rocks of the bank.She refused his invitation to the party.She ...

I have some activities I decide to play games I try it again and again I want to play paragliding I feel like eating something I like bird very much I like my new bicycle There is a tall building I am a trader I wonder who are ...

1.honest Honesty is the best policy. 诚实才是上策。 He is an honest boy. 他是个诚实的男孩。 2. brave He was very brave about his operation. 他对手术毫无惧色。 She braved death to rescue me. 她冒着生命危险来救我。 3.fond I'm fon...

You can see rosebuds here and there in the garden in early May. 你可以在五月初的花园里处处看到玫瑰花苞。

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