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Can I borrow some money from you? Can you lend me some money? Can you lend some money to me? Are you abble to lend me some money?

Could I use your hair drier, please? hair drier 窮患欠


基宛:Excuse me,may I borrow some money?

I am short of moeny this month, can you lend me some money? 賜宀Could you lend me some money?my poket is silm this month.

borrow money from me borrow money from sb.

I have lent the book I borrowed from you to others

****を既して競け涙いでしょうか ****をかしていただけないでしょうか殖 宸頁曳熟彰悶議。 咀葎頁勣斑艶繁^処竃 ̄叫廉公低侭參哘乎喘^既す ̄。 ****を既してくれませんか 頁犇堝嬪匯泣議効峠渦繁傍三議三喘宸倖祥辛參。

Friends to borrow money, but they have difficulty not to borrow when a friend how to think

please add my accout together with the money i borrowed from you ,

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