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I felt heart broken.心都碎了还不悲伤吗?

充实有几个英语意思: substantial rich rewarding substantive 等等。 最近很忙碌,但是很充实 我觉得这样表达最精确、雅致: I've been busy recently, but life's been satisfying and rewarding. 希望帮到了你。

人们哭当他们感到非常悲伤的时候 People cry when they feel very sad 例句: 1. 在生活中,我相信当我感到十分悲伤的时候上帝与我共同面对悲痛。 In my own life, when I have felt great sorrow I have trusted that god is with me in this an...

l feel very sad and angry.

I am very sorry to hear that.

I'm very sad now/ very upset now / very disappointed now.(注意不能用disappointing哦,因为这个是【令人失望,绝望,难过的意思,通常指某物或某事】)

The sad film makes me very sad. 那部悲伤的电影使我非常难过。

Why again and again to forgive me? I feel very guilty. Really, why don't you scold me a few words but in turn to comfort me?

very upset

I am the only one who is sorrow all over the world

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