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四川-九寨沟英文导游词 Not far from Rizegou Guesthouse is the Swan Lake. It is said that swans used to reside here. At the present time, the lake remains semi-marsh land eith waterweeds fully covered on the surface. In spring the lake resembles

依然蓝白Se:<br> 不知道您是否满意?<br><br>四川-峨眉山英文导游词 <br><br>Mt.Emei is one of the &quot;four famous mountains” in China. It lies about 168km from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province. Before the tour of the holy mountain

Characterized by bamboo scenery, the Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea is a "China's National Scenic Spot", one of "the 40 Best Tourist Attractions", a "Chinese Biospheric Protection Zone", "the First AAAA Class Tourist Attaction". It

Sichuan is China's mountainous provinces in the country. Mountain, plateau and the hills about the province's land area of 97.46 percent, with the exception of the Sichuan Basin at the bottom of the plains and hills, the most of Valley Ridge 500


好吧 第一种情况 先说 要是你有中文导游证的话 第二关 把中文的面试直接全过程用英文完成就行了 但是 要多个环节 就是 考官说一些句子 要你汉语翻英语 英语翻汉语 如果你没中文导游证 我下面就给你介绍哈全过程 第一关 笔试 中英文都一样

chaoyang holeLocated in the south to dujiangyan qingcheng mountain, tianshi cave; said、祖师殿, have &quot, the golden whip rock stalagmites、三岛石、天师洞, and don'、上清宫以及天然图画,道教创始人张道陵在此山设坛传教.其中,



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