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连词成句就是把顺序错乱的词语依据逻辑关系重新排列,组成一个意思完整且通顺的句子.连词成句的方法和技巧:1、 读读词语,找找有没有特殊的词语,如果有,就在特殊的词后加上特别的标点.例如:①世界 ②黑 ③这么 ④吗? ⑤外面的

1.Robin is short but strong . 罗宾个子矮,但很强壮.2.He can speak Chinese and English .他会说汉语和英语.3.He is very helpful at home .他在家里很乐于助人.4.He makes me finish my homework !他让我完成作业!5.I have two robots .我有两个机器人.



1. Did you go anywhere in winter?2. Was it very cold there?3. The man is tall and thin.4. There was a big ice city.5. Please show me the dress.


It will travel many meters before it stops.

Classes start at six in the morning.they finish class at nine o'clock.what do you do on the weekend?I usually go to bed at 11:00.Sometimes I play the piano at 8:00.

1 i think that you had better do your homework.2 let me help you.3 he has hurt himself.4 i am afraid that i cannot get up.5 he fell slipped and downstairs.

我真心想说:前面那位回答的根本就GP不通啊 估计他连词成句是啥都不知道!第一句不清楚Does he have to wear a uniform at school?Don't leave the dirty dishes in the kichen.There are a lot of things you can do.I think it is best to follow the rules.They can remember places with food.I like pandas because they are a kind of interesting.

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