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正确歌词:so the thought keep spinning in my heart,Can we drop this masquerade 歌曲:Burning 演唱:Maria Arredondo 歌词:Passion is sweet 激情是甜蜜的 Love makes weak 爱却带来脆弱 You said you cherished freedom 你曾说自由至上

You Are Always In My Heart永驻我心词曲:Kim Gannon & Ernesto Lecuona演唱:Edmundo RosYou are always in my heart,Even though you're far away,I can hear the music of the song of love I sang with you.You are always in my heart,And when

不是 IN MY HEART 把 是不是 IN MY HEAD 歌曲:Burning 歌手:Maria Arredon Passion is sweet Love makes weak You said you cherished freedom so You refuse to let it go Follow your fate Love and hate Never fail to seize the day But dont give

Better With You - Kris Allen Wherever I go 无论我去哪儿,Whatever I do 无论我做什么,Stay by my side 请待在我身边 Cuz baby it's always better with you 因为亲爱的,有你在一切都会更美好 In the middle of the pouring rain 在大雨中央,On a

Befour - Winter in my heart winter has come farwell to the sun it's getting golder every single day you are not here can't stand you're not near I'll wait for you forever and I pray my fantasy makes me believe that you're with me I have winter in my heart

呃. 也许没有那个in就是 burning.

You were the shadow to my light 有我的shy的土埋乃Did you feel us 第就飞阿斯Another Star 额呐热四大You fade away 邮费的额伟Afraid our aim is out of sight 额肥的艾米骚的谁Wanna see us 忘了see啊sAlive 阿来Where are you now Whereare

sarah connor- christmas in my heart christmas in my heart every time we say goodbye there's something breaking deep inside 每次我们说再见时,内心深处总有些伤感 i tried to hide my feelings to keep myself controlled but somehow i can't


是不是这首:“straight through my heart”

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