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1. What's your favorite food?2. Your healthy habit3. A dairy about travelling4. Your ideal job5. What will our life be like in the future?

my Happiest Day Today is Friday. It is my thirteenth birthday. I got up very early in the morning and put on my new clothes happily. My parents bought me the new clothes as my birthday presents. I went to school earlier than before. I invited many of

等等!我来一篇 As we all know,English is becoming more and more important with the need of communication【交流】 all over the world. Then how to learn English and master【精通,掌握】 it to help us communicate【vt.交流】 with others

The ways to improve my English Hey everyone!I'm XXX.Today,I want to share my skills of improving my English.As you know,learning a foreign language is never easy,I think we should try to like it,then everything will be much easier!I like watching

A healthy lifestyle If we want to keep fit,we must have a healthy lifestyle.But how could we get a healthy lifestyle?I think ,on the one hand,we should get enough sleep,only in this


How can you do better in our study As for student. study is the first priority. In order to improve your study i have some advises here. Firstly, you must build a reasonalbe study habit and a . scientific schedule.Man has the best memory in the morning.

一It opens from Mondy to Friday.There are many different kinds of books in it.You can borrow one or two books a time.There is a library in our school.But you must return in time.If you can't finish reading them in time, you can come to renew the

第2题Susan:Which do you like better, countryside or city?Wang Li:I like countryside better.because I can breathe in fresh airIt is good for our health.Susan:but I think city is

只有三篇,不过都是考试标准范文,老师让我们背的.1、I and my parents went to Yunnan for our last summer vacation. At there, we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We went to there by plane. It took me 4 hours to get there. Then we spent a week staying

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